Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Duke University Creates “Perfect” Microwave Cloak

("Scientists have been able to successfully cloak an object, rendering a centimeter-scale cylinder invisible to microwaves. Many different invisibility cloaks have been demonstrated, but all of those reflect some of the incidental light, making the illusion incomplete. This is the first to cloak an object perfectly."

Read More: Duke University Creates "Perfect" Microwave Cloak - (

( There have been rumors of black projects developing cloaking technologies for decades. For example Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan during an interview stated that a psychological operation deception existed to package a U.S. Navy cloaking technology experiment under a 'time travel' cover story.

The black ops sources appear to be always ahead of the public domain curve. It is a safe (basically guaranteed) bet to expect to see more scientific breakthroughs in the field of electromagnetic energy in many fields...

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