Saturday, March 18, 2017

Darpa’s Magic Plan: ‘Battlefield Illusions’ to Mess With Enemy Minds (2012)

In the below article titled: ‘Darpa’s Magic Plan: ‘Battlefield Illusions’ to Mess With Enemy Minds’ it details a multi-million dollar DARPA budget being set to discover “battlefield illusions” using directed energy weapons for misdirection, harassment, and deception on the battlefield. There are already rumors of this on the internet about a Gulf war battlefield happening where Iraqi military were technologically induced to give up their arms and surrender...

"Arthur C. Clarke once famously quipped that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” So perhaps it was inevitable that the Pentagon’s extreme technology arm would eventually start acting like magicians — and try to create illusions on the front lines.

In its new budget, unveiled on Monday, Darpa introduced a new $4 million investigation into technologies that will “manage the adversary’s sensory perception” in order to “confuse, delay, inhibit, or misdirect [his] actions.” Darpa calls the project “Battlefield Illusion.” Of course."

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In reality high tech directed energy weapons have already been fully developed for decades. The CIA and US military are committing treason on the American population with these technologies and technological illusions are a major part of their modus operandi. There is always a cover story and cover up of the events these technologies orchestrate. I have been exposing technological illusions in my work for the better part of a decade, thus why I was happy to find this DARPA article...

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