Wednesday, November 30, 2016

South Korea Develops Electromagnetic Pulse Directed Energy Weapon

From Russia Today; Dated November 27th, 2016:
South Korea will soon put to use a powerful weapon in the fight against North Korean drones – the electromagnetic pulse (EMP), its military reported.

The directional, high-powered EMP generator has already been developed, according to Yonhap news agency.

It was presented last week at a conference hosted by the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology, and developed by the Agency for Defense Development (ADD). It is now up to Seoul to figure out how to adjust it for use against Pyongyang’s UAVs.

An electromagnetic pulse sends out a wave that disables all electrical equipment it targets.

Source: South Korea Develops Electromagnetic Weapon to Use Against North’s Drones - Russia Today

Electromagnetic directed energy weapons could be the most potent and diverse field of technology available. From the EMP to end game virtual reality, from electronic telepathy & RF Mind Hacking to even potentially warp-drive space travel, electromagnetic sources are profound and revolutionary technologies for militaries who develop them.

Electromagnetic sources (e.g. RF Energy / Microwaves) are a necessity for modern technology as well as integral to both black budget technology & future technology. It is an extremely safe bet (i would say guaranteed) to say electromagnetic technologies will continue to be developed in the public domain for many decades to come. Whether they are used militarily and weaponized against humanity or for the good of mankind is a whole different story...

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