Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Killer Airwaves: Russia Starts Trial of Electromagnetic Warfare System

Directed energy weapon methodologies that have been developed decades prior to their public discovery are slowly being strategically drip-fed into military and medical realms. They will likely be brought in by military sources at first similar to the internet (DARPA, etc) and eventually will make their way into a prolific amount of uses in the public domain.

"Russia’s electronic warfare equipment producer launched tests of a tactical electromagnetic combat complex fully integrated with latest air-defense systems. It guarantees complete neutralization of all enemy electronics."

Read More: Killer Airwaves: Russia Starts Trial of Electromagnetic Warfare System - Russia Today

Electromagnetic weapons have wide ranging uses from RF Mind Hacking to Slow and Fast Kill methodologies. There are plenty of sinister governing sources using these technologies for their own evil agendas. Personally I am all for the public development of these technologies because I feel there could potentially be a lot of benefit to the disclosure of directed energy weapon capabilities...

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