Monday, January 25, 2016

The NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) ~ EMF Remote Neural Monitoring

Through my research and experience explorations as a targeted individual, I once thought I was implanted to carry out the capabilities I have witnessed. Further research yielded the realization that direct thought surveillance is possible using directed energy weapons that monitor brainwaves.

A Couple Important Facts about Brainwaves and Neuroscience:
-Brainwaves are extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves (RF Energy)
-Each Person's Own Mental Signature is Unique to Planet Earth

A Couple Mostly Unknown Truths:
-Remote Thought Surveillance is being inflicted upon the Population of the World
-Internet and Communication Surveillance is only the tip of the iceberg

Ex-CIA whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan mentions remote neural monitoring carried out by precise technology that utilizes the planet's electromagnetic field as a naturally sourced EEG. I doubt this is the only method they have...

It is very clear that any unethical government source who figures out thought surveillance will exploit it to the fullest extent possible... Remote Neural Monitoring is one of the deepest and most sensitive truths in the world today.

Here are some snips from some relevant articles for review:

Brain Scans Pinpoint Individuals from a Crowd

Patterns of neural circuitry in the brain's frontal and parietal lobes can be used to distinguish individuals on the basis of their brain scans.

Our brains are wired in such distinctive ways that an individual can be identified on the basis of brain-scan images alone, neuroscientists report.

Source ~


‘Brain Fingerprint’ is as Unique as those on our Hands

A new study from Yale University has concluded that brain activity is as unique as a fingerprint. The researchers see much potential in the technology, while others fear the onset of a brave new world.


More ominous is the fact that it didn’t matter whether a person’s mind was at rest or not when attempting to identify them by their brain activity.

Source ~ Russia Today

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  1. The only question now is how can we stop it, jet plane, 3 floors under ground, tinfoil hats, 55gal grounded drum, Faraday cage, lead, cooper, coal, woal? Something has to cut this stuff off, I'm trying a sauna today and thats just for the VTS I'm sure the main link will remain but who knows, a man can still dream cant he? No wait they see those too hmmm. Good luck everyone...


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