Sunday, January 24, 2016

Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs

Taking place in the world today is a sinister technological conspiracy using directed energy weapons to commit crimes, torture, terrorism, misdirection, and disinformation upon the population of the world. Part of this technological conspiracy are government synthetic dream programs largely meant to coerce certain reactions out of people.

I have first hand experience with synthetic dreams and virtual reality, enough to know some of the ins and outs of these programs...

Predictive Programming

One major aspect of the dream state virtual reality programs is predictive programming. Predictive programming is inciting an action to cause a predicted reaction. An example of this would be to give a target an intimate dream with someone they want the target to connect with, or a nightmare about someone they want a target to avoid, but these are very simple examples.

Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs;
•Societal Engineering Predictive Programming (Wide Ranging)
•Technological Mind Tricks ~ Psychological Operations (Wide Ranging)
•Nightmares as a Form of Punishment ~ Trauma Based Mind Control
•Punish/Reward Systems (Typically Methods of Covert Coercion)

Some mind control synthetic dream programs could be merely forms of punishment for activism(like some I have endured). Some mind control synthetic dream programs could be engineered "prophecies" to a target, to prop up a controlled opposition false light source of disinformation in alt media. The options for these programs are large in number, and therefore it is assumable sources like the CIA would be exploiting weaknesses and engineering synthetic dreams for the population of the planet once they got a hold of the technology.

I see informing people of the synthetic dream programs to be highly worthwhile due to the reality that awareness of synthetic dreams combats the strategy of doing them a sizable bit...

Currently in 2016, public neuroscience is still very much a fledgling science. We are just beginning to discover what technology is capable of... Here are some public neuroscience articles related to these technologies from 2013(the most recent I could find): ~ Decoding Dreams ~ Japanese Dream Machine Can Visualize Your Dreams With 50 Percent Accuracy ~ Dream Catcher: The Neuroscience Behind Decoding Dreams

I expect to see dream neuroscience discoveries happen every so often for several decades to come...

There is balance to synthetic dreams and virtual reality, e.g. What these techs will bring in the future. I have been both tortured profusely in VR and have deeply enjoyed VR...

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  1. This has effected me personally. I had an image placed in my mind in 2004. I have not heard of anyone else that has had the same image if you believe this has happened to you...i would like to know what image it was so I could compare it to what I have recorded as seeing.


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