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Remote Neural Monitoring || Human Brain as a Surveillance Device || Directed Energy Weapon Spy Game

Remote Neural Monitoring gives any intelligence agency or military a distinct and potent advantage over those without. To thousands+ of targeted individuals in the US, perhaps millions worldwide, thought surveillance is an every day reality... I am one of those targeted individuals.

I once thought I was implanted, and that is how all my technological experiences were happening to me... I later found a strong likelihood that every single black project sourced technological experience I have ever had was remotely done, and does not take an implant...

I have always called one aspect of what I have witnessed; thought surveillance, but the most used term for internet research lingo is Remote Neural Monitoring. Thought surveillance was proven to me mostly due to targeting. I know 2 way mind to mind communication between beings or 2 way communication with AI is 100% possible with directed energy weapons connected to AI.

Remote Neural Monitoring
-Remote Thought Surveillance
-Remote Pictures of What the Eyes See
-Remote Auditory Surveillance
-Remote Olfactic (Smell) Surveillance
-Many Functions do not Need an Implant and can be done Remotely

Human Brain as a Surveillance Device

Smartphones have bugged a lot of society due to backdoors and intelligence agency infiltration, however this seems like less of a big deal to me when I realized that with the most advanced technologies each living being becomes it’s own surveillance device with their mind and senses due to electromagnetics and physical mechanics in the brain related to consciousness that can be remotely surveilled.

No privacy, even in my own mind has become a fact of my life as a targeted individual. This may not be a pleasant reality for some hearing this, however it pieces together enough dots and truth I find it pertinent to write about. These are sensitive truths in many ways...


Directed Energy Weapon's Affect on the Spy Game

These technologies may have made physical spys obsolete. Any person listening to communication can be surveilled down to their deepest thoughts and motivations. The pinnacle of 21st Century Spying is done by directed energy weapon thought surveillance. Thought surveillance capable by major countries may have also eliminated some fears of critical espionage. A group like the CIA can have thought surveillance of every employee while observing any covert objective they have. I'm sure this has revolutionized the spy game at the top...

I will write a separate article on this in the future on this website...

When I was first targeted, it really perplexed me how technology could read my mind. I eventually figured I was implanted against my will. However I later learned that the Earths electromagnetic field could potentially be used as an EEG to read complex mindsets remotely, anywhere on Earth.

Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan speaks of CIA directed energy weapons using the Earths electromagnetic field as an EEG for remote thought surveillance. Taking this a step further I have witnessed mind control and thought surveillance based actions from those who target me in people surrounding me, I've seen these technologies control almost anything and anyone... I doubt everyone on the planet is implanted however(unless you count nano particles or something similar). I believe remote technologies are the biggest form of covert electronic warfare in the 21st Century...

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  1. Hetrodyning frequencies though a subjects head heralds a wave form with the modulated/raw brain activity due to modulation from the electrical activity.


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