Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Directed Energy Weapons: Technological Rigging of Pro Sports

Via directed energy neuroscience the body can be remotely controlled. I have witnessed my body controlled remotely via directed energy weapons countless times. I have also witnessed pro sports rigged via these technologies the greater part of a decade ago.

Early on in my targeting situation in what could be perceived as a display of power, I witnessed pro sports being controlled and predictions of pro sports that happened years into the future. This isn't by time travel technology, it is from controlling the present moment with sophisticated AI connected to precise directed energy weapons.

I estimate these directed energy weapons input synthetic signals in the brain to supplement body control. Similar to how the body is controlled naturally, except with synthetic signals.

Without getting too into the details, I will say that I have witnessed NFL Football, MLB Baseball, and NCAA Football rigged via directed energy weapons. Rigged so precisely home runs can be fully technological, touchdowns can be the result of agenda driven mind control, and sports of all types are now under suspicion by myself with the same technologies.

The people who somehow got a hold of the shadow government AI and directed energy weapons have absolutely zero regard for truth, free will, and any innocent being's sanctity of life. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but some very disturbed people are in control of some very powerful technologies...

Eventually these technologies will be used for humanity's benefit, until then I suspect malicious foul play with these technologies.

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