Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blinding Lazer Directed Energy Weapon

Blinded by the Heat: The Laser Weapon You’ll Never See
4 March 2015 ~

An unexpected discovery has created a laser that can blind you temporarily – and you won't even know you're the target

IT BEGINS without warning. You are driving fast on the highway and your vision starts to blur. As vehicles around you become hazy and the road ahead fades, you lose control. Even if you survive the impending crash, no one may ever find the cause, because you have been targeted by a weapon that leaves no trace.

Such a device already exists. Tagged by its developers as non-lethal, it is a laser designed for use by security services or on the battlefield. It sends out an invisible beam that temporarily blurs vision, apparently without damaging the eye. The hope is that it could be used to temporarily blind potential snipers or disable terrorists before they act.
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The harsh reality is all directed energy weapon capabilities are likely to be weaponized against the civilian population by the malicious sources who have been most interested in their research. This is just one of countless directed energy weapon capabilities. I have experienced similar symptoms to this directed energy weapon article's reports. As a severe targeted individual the blurred vision scenarios I have been receiving make much more sense after reading this article...

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