Monday, January 25, 2016

The NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) ~ EMF Remote Neural Monitoring

Through my research and experience explorations as a targeted individual, I once thought I was implanted to carry out the capabilities I have witnessed. Further research yielded the realization that direct thought surveillance is possible using directed energy weapons that monitor brainwaves.

A Couple Important Facts about Brainwaves and Neuroscience:
-Brainwaves are extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves (RF Energy)
-Each Person's Own Mental Signature is Unique to Planet Earth

A Couple Mostly Unknown Truths:
-Remote Thought Surveillance is being inflicted upon the Population of the World
-Internet and Communication Surveillance is only the tip of the iceberg

Ex-CIA whistleblower Dr. Robert Duncan mentions remote neural monitoring carried out by precise technology that utilizes the planet's electromagnetic field as a naturally sourced EEG. I doubt this is the only method they have...

It is very clear that any unethical government source who figures out thought surveillance will exploit it to the fullest extent possible... Remote Neural Monitoring is one of the deepest and most sensitive truths in the world today.

Here are some snips from some relevant articles for review:

Brain Scans Pinpoint Individuals from a Crowd

Patterns of neural circuitry in the brain's frontal and parietal lobes can be used to distinguish individuals on the basis of their brain scans.

Our brains are wired in such distinctive ways that an individual can be identified on the basis of brain-scan images alone, neuroscientists report.

Source ~


‘Brain Fingerprint’ is as Unique as those on our Hands

A new study from Yale University has concluded that brain activity is as unique as a fingerprint. The researchers see much potential in the technology, while others fear the onset of a brave new world.


More ominous is the fact that it didn’t matter whether a person’s mind was at rest or not when attempting to identify them by their brain activity.

Source ~ Russia Today

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs

Taking place in the world today is a sinister technological conspiracy using directed energy weapons to commit crimes, torture, terrorism, misdirection, and disinformation upon the population of the world. Part of this technological conspiracy are government synthetic dream programs largely meant to coerce certain reactions out of people.

I have first hand experience with synthetic dreams and virtual reality, enough to know some of the ins and outs of these programs...

Predictive Programming

One major aspect of the dream state virtual reality programs is predictive programming. Predictive programming is inciting an action to cause a predicted reaction. An example of this would be to give a target an intimate dream with someone they want the target to connect with, or a nightmare about someone they want a target to avoid, but these are very simple examples.

Synthetic Dream Mind Control Programs;
•Societal Engineering Predictive Programming (Wide Ranging)
•Technological Mind Tricks ~ Psychological Operations (Wide Ranging)
•Nightmares as a Form of Punishment ~ Trauma Based Mind Control
•Punish/Reward Systems (Typically Methods of Covert Coercion)

Some mind control synthetic dream programs could be merely forms of punishment for activism(like some I have endured). Some mind control synthetic dream programs could be engineered "prophecies" to a target, to prop up a controlled opposition false light source of disinformation in alt media. The options for these programs are large in number, and therefore it is assumable sources like the CIA would be exploiting weaknesses and engineering synthetic dreams for the population of the planet once they got a hold of the technology.

I see informing people of the synthetic dream programs to be highly worthwhile due to the reality that awareness of synthetic dreams combats the strategy of doing them a sizable bit...

Currently in 2016, public neuroscience is still very much a fledgling science. We are just beginning to discover what technology is capable of... Here are some public neuroscience articles related to these technologies from 2013(the most recent I could find): ~ Decoding Dreams ~ Japanese Dream Machine Can Visualize Your Dreams With 50 Percent Accuracy ~ Dream Catcher: The Neuroscience Behind Decoding Dreams

I expect to see dream neuroscience discoveries happen every so often for several decades to come...

There is balance to synthetic dreams and virtual reality, e.g. What these techs will bring in the future. I have been both tortured profusely in VR and have deeply enjoyed VR...

Friday, January 22, 2016

Microwave Weapons / Microwave Warfare ~ Ex-MI5 Whistleblower Barrie Trower

Barrie Trower is a respected whistleblower who specializes in microwave warfare. He worked for the British Royal Navy and later on other British intelligence working with microwaves... The picture he paints aligns to my own experiences with the dark abyss that is government targeting programs...

The truth of the matter is intelligence agencies and military sources have been weaponizing microwaves against innocent people for decades. These sources are profoundly morally inept, and weaponize these directed energy sources against innocent civilians(like myself) on a daily basis in the beginning of the 21st century.

The video below is a solid video from Barrie Trower who courageously exposes the microwave warfare environment in the video.

Microwave Warfare - Barrie Trower (approx 15min)

Quote from Barrie Trower:

In the very early 1960s I trained with the government microwave warfare establishment. I looked at all aspects of microwave warfare and when I finished my time in the military because I had a lot of expertise in the microwave field, and I was asked if I would carry on with this research. We are in a new cold war and this is why countries are developing this. I mean really developing this. And this is why all the microwave transmitters are going up everywhere because somebody, if they wanted to, could use them for other effects. The system is up and running.

Years ago our government said to it's scientists when it comes to microwaves you will only talk about things to do with heat, and that is it. So they wont even discuss anything else. They will deny anything that doesn't have anything to do with heat. They even deny all of their 40 years of research leading up to this[IE: Microwave Hearing], although they've said that this can cause cancer and all the damage, they say no it can't. We're only looking at heat and heat is all that matters.

So for the last 40 years the English government has been lying to the people. And the American, the Canadian, the Australian, they have been lying. They have been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits. So they are really just liars and it is provable, sanctioned by the World Health Organization, without a shadow of a doubt. It is the same people sit on the ICNAP certificate, they sit on our governments health protection agencies, sit on the World Health Organization... it's the same people. There are probably no more than 20 of them. But, yes, they are going to, in my opinion, commit the worst genocide this planet has ever known, not just people, but animals, plants. They are probably going to cause more destruction than a global war, and in several hundred years time, people will look back,... and look back at what we did to stop them.
Effects of Pulsed Microwave Radiation
(According to Dr. Barrie Trower)

Pulses or Modulations per second

Possible Result

1 Heartbeat Rhythm

1-3 Sleep Pattern

3-5 Paranoia/Hallucinations/Amnesia/ Illusions/Drowsiness ‘Absent’ Feeling

6-7 Depression/Suicidal Feelings/Visual Distortion/Confusion

8-11 Cannot Relax/Feeling Unwell/Unhappy

11-13 Anger/Manic Behaviour/Problems with Movement/Flashes/Loss of Appetite

14-18 Small Seizures/Disturbed Orientation/ Auditory/Visual Hallucinations

18+ Inability to make decisions/Sensory problems (sight/touch/sound)

24+** Confusion/Flickering/flashing lights/ Dizziness

35+ Mania/Hyperactivity

40+ Anxiety/Sleep disturbance/Reaction time slowed/Unable to make decisions

Microwave Assassination

Knowing the agendas of the governments around the world, I can guarantee they have assassinated people with these technologies. Microwave weaponry is no doubt a piece of the puzzle for all of what directed energy weapons are doing in the world today. Microwave warfare could very well be one of the biggest crimes of the 21st century.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blinding Lazer Directed Energy Weapon

Blinded by the Heat: The Laser Weapon You’ll Never See
4 March 2015 ~

An unexpected discovery has created a laser that can blind you temporarily – and you won't even know you're the target

IT BEGINS without warning. You are driving fast on the highway and your vision starts to blur. As vehicles around you become hazy and the road ahead fades, you lose control. Even if you survive the impending crash, no one may ever find the cause, because you have been targeted by a weapon that leaves no trace.

Such a device already exists. Tagged by its developers as non-lethal, it is a laser designed for use by security services or on the battlefield. It sends out an invisible beam that temporarily blurs vision, apparently without damaging the eye. The hope is that it could be used to temporarily blind potential snipers or disable terrorists before they act.
Source ~

The harsh reality is all directed energy weapon capabilities are likely to be weaponized against the civilian population by the malicious sources who have been most interested in their research. This is just one of countless directed energy weapon capabilities. I have experienced similar symptoms to this directed energy weapon article's reports. As a severe targeted individual the blurred vision scenarios I have been receiving make much more sense after reading this article...

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Remote Neural Monitoring || Human Brain as a Surveillance Device || Directed Energy Weapon Spy Game

Remote Neural Monitoring gives any intelligence agency or military a distinct and potent advantage over those without. To thousands+ of targeted individuals in the US, perhaps millions worldwide, thought surveillance is an every day reality... I am one of those targeted individuals.

I once thought I was implanted, and that is how all my technological experiences were happening to me... I later found a strong likelihood that every single black project sourced technological experience I have ever had was remotely done, and does not take an implant...

I have always called one aspect of what I have witnessed; thought surveillance, but the most used term for internet research lingo is Remote Neural Monitoring. Thought surveillance was proven to me mostly due to targeting. I know 2 way mind to mind communication between beings or 2 way communication with AI is 100% possible with directed energy weapons connected to AI.

Remote Neural Monitoring
-Remote Thought Surveillance
-Remote Pictures of What the Eyes See
-Remote Auditory Surveillance
-Remote Olfactic (Smell) Surveillance
-Many Functions do not Need an Implant and can be done Remotely

Human Brain as a Surveillance Device

Smartphones have bugged a lot of society due to backdoors and intelligence agency infiltration, however this seems like less of a big deal to me when I realized that with the most advanced technologies each living being becomes it’s own surveillance device with their mind and senses due to electromagnetics and physical mechanics in the brain related to consciousness that can be remotely surveilled.

No privacy, even in my own mind has become a fact of my life as a targeted individual. This may not be a pleasant reality for some hearing this, however it pieces together enough dots and truth I find it pertinent to write about. These are sensitive truths in many ways...


Directed Energy Weapon's Affect on the Spy Game

These technologies may have made physical spys obsolete. Any person listening to communication can be surveilled down to their deepest thoughts and motivations. The pinnacle of 21st Century Spying is done by directed energy weapon thought surveillance. Thought surveillance capable by major countries may have also eliminated some fears of critical espionage. A group like the CIA can have thought surveillance of every employee while observing any covert objective they have. I'm sure this has revolutionized the spy game at the top...

I will write a separate article on this in the future on this website...

When I was first targeted, it really perplexed me how technology could read my mind. I eventually figured I was implanted against my will. However I later learned that the Earths electromagnetic field could potentially be used as an EEG to read complex mindsets remotely, anywhere on Earth.

Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan speaks of CIA directed energy weapons using the Earths electromagnetic field as an EEG for remote thought surveillance. Taking this a step further I have witnessed mind control and thought surveillance based actions from those who target me in people surrounding me, I've seen these technologies control almost anything and anyone... I doubt everyone on the planet is implanted however(unless you count nano particles or something similar). I believe remote technologies are the biggest form of covert electronic warfare in the 21st Century...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Directed Energy Weapons: Technological Rigging of Pro Sports

Via directed energy neuroscience the body can be remotely controlled. I have witnessed my body controlled remotely via directed energy weapons countless times. I have also witnessed pro sports rigged via these technologies the greater part of a decade ago.

Early on in my targeting situation in what could be perceived as a display of power, I witnessed pro sports being controlled and predictions of pro sports that happened years into the future. This isn't by time travel technology, it is from controlling the present moment with sophisticated AI connected to precise directed energy weapons.

I estimate these directed energy weapons input synthetic signals in the brain to supplement body control. Similar to how the body is controlled naturally, except with synthetic signals.

Without getting too into the details, I will say that I have witnessed NFL Football, MLB Baseball, and NCAA Football rigged via directed energy weapons. Rigged so precisely home runs can be fully technological, touchdowns can be the result of agenda driven mind control, and sports of all types are now under suspicion by myself with the same technologies.

The people who somehow got a hold of the shadow government AI and directed energy weapons have absolutely zero regard for truth, free will, and any innocent being's sanctity of life. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but some very disturbed people are in control of some very powerful technologies...

Eventually these technologies will be used for humanity's benefit, until then I suspect malicious foul play with these technologies.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

US Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon

According to several sources publishing articles in 2012, the US Army is officially developing directed energy weapons aimed at striking targets with lightning bolts...

Army Looks to Strike Foes with Lightning Weapon ~ ~ 2012 Article

A U.S. Army lab is testing how lasers can create an energized plasma channel in the air — an invisible pathway for electricity to follow. The laser-guided lightning weapon could precisely hit targets such as enemy tanks or unexploded roadside bombs, because such targets represent better conductors for electricity than the ground.

Army researchers used an "ultra-short-pulse laser of modest energy" that keeps the laser beam focused through its own intensity. The laser's electro-magnetic field can harvest electrons from air molecules to create the plasma pathway for electricity to follow.
U.S. Army Announces Latest Toy: Lightning Laser Gun ~ ~ 2012 article

This is how it works: a very brief but incredibly intense laser beam paints the target. By intense, the army means 50 billion watts of optical power … about 500 million times more powerful than the light bulb illuminating your room.

By some trick of physics, very intense laser beams focus themselves in air. And when they are intensive enough, laser beams generate an electro-magnetic field “strong enough to rip electrons off of air molecules.”

Directed energy weapons can do quite a lot... I know that many secrets lie in electromagnetics when it comes to future technologies and methodologies. Lightning directed energy weapons isn't even 1% of it...

Friday, January 1, 2016

Covert Transhumanism; Mind Control Explained ~ Book Preview

I will be discontinuing my website in 1+ years when the domain ownership runs out. My best book preview happens to be there, so I decided to redo a book preview on a website that will last(this one is secured until 2023 right now).

For about 8-9 months I have been working on my first book, Covert Transhumanism; Mind Control Explained. It will be released for free in PDF form, and self published for hard copy...

As I understand it the artificial intelligence and directed energy weapon capabilities covered in my book are cutting edge, and a lot of it has never been published in a book before to my knowledge. This sort of thing has cost me quite a lot in terms of AI and directed energy weapon targeting by the sources I am exposing with my work.

Covered in the book; Mind Control Capabilities, Mind Control Tactics, Technological Mind Tricks/Technological illusions, Artificial Intelligence, Directed Energy Weapons, Relevant Government and Scientist Quotes, Mind Control History Research, What the Shadow Government Sources are doing with these Exotic and Potent Technologies(Psy Ops/Targeting+), and much more.

The Book Cover:

I like to work with bullet points. It is mentally stimulating, and relays potent facts in a concise time efficient manner. Covert Transhumanism will utilize bullet points often.

Here are some bullet points from my upcoming book, Covert Transhumanism; Mind Control Explained:
Mind Control Capabilities Explained(Chapter 3 Bullet Points):
•Thought Surveillance (What percentage of the population is under this I do not know for sure)
•Control of Concepts
•Implanted Conscious Energy (Often served to corroborate implanted ideologies)
•Memory Manipulation
•Translation from Concept to Linguistic Control
•Speech Control (IE: forced speech, covert methods and overt methods)
•Control of How Awake or Tired One is
•Control of How Buzzed or “High” One is on Any Substance
•Control of Body Language/Facial Expressions (Very sophisticated technology at this point)
•Body Control (Eyes, Limbs, You name it, it can be controlled)
•Technological “Possession” (Often construed by the controllers as ‘demonic’ if overt)
•Technological Channeling (Often construed as a facade that the channeler is dealing with real entities instead of just artificial intelligence)
•This technology is shrouded in illusions (People think it is demons for example)
•Control of Hypnotic and other Types of Regressions
•Negation of the Soul’s Influence on Consciousness (Soulular Attributes, Soulular Wisdom, etc)
•Negation of One’s Life Learned Lessons, Conceptual Knowledge Fragmentation
•Synthetic OBE Experience (Indiscernible from authentic* OBE experience)
•Synthetic Astral Experience (also indiscernible from authentic* astral experience)
•Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality (VR while awake or asleep)
•Creation of Synthetic but very Authentic Shamanic or Psychedelic Experiences
•Artificial Intelligence Based in Most Facets These Days. Some things can be done manually, however all of it can be done by AI
•Remote Viewing presented as natural ability that is really technological
•Psychic ability or events that are really based on remote influencing technology
•Technological Black Out
•Electromagnetic Stimulants
•Synthetic Optics
•Synthetic Hearing
•Synthetic Tastes
•Synthetic Smells
•Synthetic Emotions
•Synthetic Pain Signals
•Synthetic Sensations of Any Variety (both good feeling and bad)
•Music Enhancing Mind Control and Other Methods for Recreation (I’m sure will be controversial)
•Temporary Creation/Negation of Any Mental Illness
•Chakra Matrix Influence/Control (which effects what conscious and/or energetic state we are in)
•Control of Hunger
•Control of the Conscious Focal Point (Focus)
•Control of Motivation
•Enhancing of the Senses
•Emotional Blunting ~ Numbing of the Consciousness
•Mimicked Cellular Addiction Symptoms
•Internal Voice Synthesis
•Control of Discernment
•Negation of True Analytical Thought - Synthesized Analytical Thought
•Control of Logic and How One Sees that Logic
•Synthetic Sexual Anhedonia/Arousal
•Synthetic Intolerances or Cravings to Various Foods
•Control of Vocabulary Usage
•Control of Decision Making Process, Suppression of Quality of Decision Making Process
•Compartmentalization of the Mind
•Technology can create illusory symptoms of any real ailment/illness
•Subconscious Control/Subliminal Programming
•Control of the mind in all it’s different facets
Mind Control Tactics Explained (Chapter 4 Bullet Points)
Discussed in this Chapter:
•Predictive Programming
•Artificial Intelligence
•Mind Control Matrix’s
•Remote Influencing Technology Created Facades (IE: Demons, Jinn, Entity Attachments)
•Group Think Manipulation
•Character Assassination
•Sleep Deprivation
•Psychological Direction
•Emotional Blunting/Consciousness Numbing
•Belief Reorientation ~ Belief Manipulation
•Mind Control Follows Targets Around
•Synthetic Dreams
•Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP
•Punish/Reward System (Covert or Overt)
•Mind Control Posing Control as “Higher Self” Interaction
•Technological Attacks Under the Facade of “Psychic Attacks”
•Technological Mind Tricks
Common Remote Influencing Technology Facades(Chapter 4):
Common Facades Used:
•Interdimensional Beings,
•Entity Attachments,
•Shadow Beings,
The Covert Transhumanism Era (Chapter 7 Bullet Points)
Some Aspects of the Covert Transhumanism Era:
•Suppression/Targeting of Higher Souls
•Acute Societal Engineering
•Precedes Golden Ages
•Thought Surveillance
•Remote Influencing Technology Used Commonly on Population(Mind Control, Synthetic Dreams, Technological Mind Tricks, illusions etc)
•Transhumanization of Government Agents/Politicians
•Transhumanization of Corporate Entities
•Transhumanization of Hollywood
•Transhumanization of Mainstream Media
•Transhumanization of Secret Societies and Bloodliners
•Transhumanization and/or Control of “Educational” Institutions
•Transhumanization of Scientists and Infiltration of Science Ideology
•Transhumanization of Mental Health Industry
•Transhuman “Prophets” of the New Age
•Constant Stream of Psy Ops Being Perpetrated
•Endarkening Sources Rule the Shadow Government, and in Effect a Portion of Society
•Remote Influence of the New Age (Technological Psychics, Technological Channelers, Technological Remote Viewers, Black Ops “Contactees”, Technological Possession)
•Transhumanism Fueled Application of Dark Eugenics(Black Ops Playing "Cupid", Elimination of Certain Discerning/Dissenting Bloodlines)
•Infiltration of the field of UFOlogy/‘Experiencers’ ~ Illusions Rampant (Mass Delusions Possible)
•New Age Religion ~ Replacing Old False Paradigms with New False Paradigms
•The Transhuman Network
•The Electronic Telepathy Network
•Technologically Rigged Professional Sports and Rigged National Elections
•Themes of controlled opposition and false light sources
•Interdimensional Anti-Gravity Flight Capable Satellites with Exotic Electromagnetic and Sonic+ Capabilities
•Poisoning of the Masses; Depopulation Agendas(“Natural Selection” as one black ops agent said to me)
•Mind Control Supports Psy Ops

These bullet points are not final and may be altered, deleted, or added upon to. Every mind control capability I mention is something I have experience with.

I'd like to note my own definition of transhumanism. I find any definition of transhumanism that does not include mind control, a faulty one.

Transhumanism: The infusion of a living being, consciously or physically, with technology.

A few quotes from the book:
“Every frame of mind, and every conscious energy can be reproduced by technology.” ~Omnisense

"Humanity has been conditioned to look up to a higher power when it comes to world change..."

"One of the key MOs of the perpetrators of this technology is they hide behind facades commonly with people who experience this technology in an overt fashion. The idea is to remain unseen while operating overtly..."

A Few Research Quotes from the Book:

"It is completely clear that the state which is first to create such weapons
will achieve incomparable superiority."

~Major I. Chernishev, Russian army;
US Military Publication ~ The Mind has No Firewall

"Man does not have the right to develop his own mind. This kind of liberal orientation has great appeal. We must electrically control the brain."
~Dr. José Delgado - Yale MK-Ultra Neuroscientist, Congressional Record No. 262E, Vol 118, 1974

"It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction...Thus, it may be possible to 'talk' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."
United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board
New World Vistas: Air and Space Power For The 21st Century

Omnisense Bio

I am an underground music producer, independent author, graphic designer, filmmaker / videographer, de-occultist, activist, futurist, targeted individual, street historian, and researcher. I make futuristic psybient music and produce content exposing black project technology & covert operations.

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